Something Went Wrong Couldn’t Start Office App Contact 800-986-6752

Something Went Wrong Couldn’t Start Office App ,sometimes whe we start the office app we came across this error.This is a common error which user experience.

Something Went Wrong Couldn't Start Office AppThe steps to solve this problem are pretty common also. So as a matter of fact we have tried to list easiest methods first so try them in order.


For solving these error the most simple step is to restart the device you are working on wait for few minutes and then sign in again and your office error will be gone. If Still Error continues then follow the steps listed below one by one


If you are still facing Something Went Wrong Couldn’t Start Office App problem ,you have to repair your ms office software via control pannel. It can be a quite difficult task if you need help you can just call us at our ms office support number 800-986-6752 or if you want you can to your control panel by clicking windows button then going to control pannel chosing add/delete software if you chose that option then you go to installer from there you can repair your software from there or if you want you can completely  uninstall and then reinstall the office. This is also a method  to solve the problem in an alternate way.


Another way to avoid this error is using offline installer instead of online installation. These error also arises sometimes due to the fact of number of proxy servers which sometimes face conflicts among themeslevs and cannot contact with office servers and hence to bypass these errors use offline installer.

Something Went Wrong Couldn’t Start Office App

If you face Something Went Wrong Couldn’t Start Office App error you can conatct our ms-office-support helpline numbers.

Countries Toll-Free Number
United States of America 800-986-6752
United Kingdom 02 0786 26337
Australia 0384004575
Canada 800-864-4162
New Zealand 800-449-076

We will provide you with additional security details along with tips and tricks to make your operation of office app easily and effectively so that you can run office app without any concerns. So if you face something went wrong couldn’t start office app error then call us on our ms-office-support helpline

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