[RESOLVED] Microsoft Windows 1809 Update Breaks Windows Media Player

ERROR: Microsoft Windows 1809 Update Breaks Windows Media Player

DESCRIPTION: 1809 Update Breaks Windows Media Player

COMPANY: Microsoft Office

Why “1809 Update Breaks Windows Media Player”?

Microsoft has been receiving a lot of complaints due to November, Microsoft Windows 1809 Update Breaks Windows Media Player that recently came out. Right after the issues with file deletion caused the update, more evidence of additional file bugs and the problems with how file archives were handled by the default extractor. With all sort of problems popping out, the third-party utilities were not impacted by this issue. Anyhow Microsoft released an update and now are getting acknowledged about some significant flaws occurring the final version.

According to Microsoft’s support documentation, installing Microsoft Windows 1809 Update Breaks Windows Media Player would disable the Seek Bar while playing a specific type of file. There is no mention of what kind of file will trigger this problem or doesn’t work in the broken Window Media Player. There are also no details provided on when the issue will be solved or when the fix for the problem will be made available. Users with the update would also experience problems while running while using Win32 apps. Users have reported that any software on the device cannot be set to be the default file handler. It’s not clear how much this issue has spread or how does a company like Microsoft committed such a basic mistake. Some say that setting a default application to handle a particular file type is not a feature and Microsoft has done nothing to change it for decades.

Countries Toll-Free Number
Microsoft Support Number USA 800-986-6752
Microsoft Support Number United Kingdom 02 0786 26337
Microsoft Support Number Australia 0384004575
Microsoft Support Number Canada 800-864-4162
Microsoft Support Number New Zealand 800-449-076

There have been a few additional problems that users should be aware of, these are not the changes occurring to Windows 10 with 1809 update. Intel has pushed the display drivers to its OEM partners (, that don’t handle audio playback properly over HDMI, USB-C or the DisplayPort. The company is blocking Microsoft Windows 1809 Update Breaks Windows Media Player for anyone with an iCloud installed, due to some undefined incompatibilities between Apple’s software and 1809. These issues are often faced by users with network drives failing to reconnect after logging on, may stop working if you’re using either an AMD HD 2000 or HD 4000 GPU. Microsoft Windows 1809 Update Breaks Windows Media Player is obstructing updates for these users further and exploring the way to work round the issue.

Microsoft Windows 1809 Update Breaks Windows Media Player

It can be considered that Windows is experiencing a problem when a third-party company forces in improper driver updates or unsupported GPUs encounter unexpected difficulties. Issues with audio playback due improperly configured drivers are unacceptable, but it is not Microsoft’s fault. What is surprising is how the Microsoft Windows 1809 Update Breaks Windows Media Player messed up the video seeking.

The fact that such a low-level bug was not caught in the testing process and continuous occurring of these problems are a big problem to the company. Though these issues impact a small group of people in many cases. Nevertheless, Microsoft themselves has constructed the conditions that cause these bug reports to receive such attention. It has continued its insistence over the models in which both content and security updates are delivered in a tight timeline. Due to changes to its software testing model, such low-level issues will continue to occur time and again.

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