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MS Office users often experience errors. These errors usually arises due to misconfiguration of some software files or when some software files get corrupted. MS Office Error 1935 or Microsoft Office Error 1935 is a prime example of such error. You can call us on our Ms Office support number hotline for a quick and effective solution. Or if you want you can read further and solve Ms Office error 1935 yourself. However we advise you to take some technical support or if you want you can call us anytime. If during anytime you are unable to solve Ms Office error 1935 you can contact us on Microsoft Office support number hotline.

Ms Office Error 1935 Support Number

Countries Toll-Free Number
MS OFFICE ERROR 1935 Support Phone Number USA 800-986-6752
MS OFFICE ERROR 1935 Support Phone Number UK 02 0786 26337
MS OFFICE ERROR 1935 Support Phone Number CANADA 800-864-4162
MS OFFICE ERROR 1935 Support Phone Number New Zealand 800-449-076

I am 100% sure each and every one of you have experienced this error at least one time in their entire usage of Microsoft Office. It is basically caused by .NET Framework incompatibility. To fix This Ms Office error 1935 you need to install .NET framework in your system or repair .NET installation of your PC.

Ms Office Error 1935

Probable Ms Office Error 1935 Causes

  1. Microsoft .NET framework is not installed or it might happen installation is damaged
  2.  driver on the system may be damaged
  3. Incomplete or  damaged installation of program or application
  4. Incorrect registry entries or corrupted registry
  5. Incorrect deletion or update of software
  6. Accidental shutting down of system.

Now we will discuss about solutions of this problem

Solution #1 – Edit Registry

First step is clearing your system registry, which might be affecting your installation process. You may use a registry cleaner software to clean registry that would be an easy task for non-technical people, then again try to install MS Office. For detailed explanation look below

Edit the Registry

  1. Type regedit in the “Search for programs and files” box.
  2. Now wait for regedit.exe to display in the list
  3. When it appears right-click on the file, and select Run As Administrator
  4. Now Increase the RegistrySizeLimit key, you can do that by following these steps in a systematic manner
    1. Browse to: HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\
    2. Right Click on RegistrySizeLimit and select Modify
    3. In the Value Data box, enter ffffffff (8 – f’s)
    4. Click OK, and close the Registry Editor
    5. Reboot
  5. Attempt installation again.

If the above methods doesn’t work then you can follow the solution 2 which we have provided

Solution #2 – Repair or update Microsoft .NET Framework components

  1. Check installed programs to see if the latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework is installed. Use Windows Update to ensure you have the latest or visit
  2. After you have downloaded and installed the latest .NET Framework, attempt the installation of Microsoft Office

If you are still not able to solve the MS Office error 1935 then you might have to call us on MS Office support helpline number : 800-986-6752 our technical team will look into the matter and then they will help you accordingly.

If you want additional information about Ms Office Error 1935 then you can also get that by calling us on our special  Ms Office Error 1935 support number hotline which we have launched specifically for sharing information about Ms Office Error 1935 only. In future we will launch more hotlines. Our purpose is to help users in understanding the errors and provide solutions for the problems they face. We hope that after you call our special Ms Office Error 1935 you will not only be able to solve the error but along with that you will get tips so as to never get this error ever again.

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