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Microsoft office error 30015 is the error which arises during final stages of installation of Microsoft office. Your installation might be probably OK, so you can dismiss the error message and try to start an Office app. However in some cases this error may be rise to other form of Microsoft office error 30015.So in this article we will discuss sure shot method of solving Microsoft office error 30015. If you follow the steps we listed in a specified order hopefully you will be able to solve your Microsoft office error 30015 and install programs with ease.

Countries Toll-Free Number
Microsoft office error 30015 Support Phone Number USA 800-986-6752
Microsoft office error 30015 Support Phone Number UK 02 0786 26337
Microsoft office error 30015 Support Phone Number CANADA 800-986-6752
Microsoft office error 30015 Support Phone Number New Zealand 800-449-076

microsoft office error 30015

Microsoft Office Error 30015 Solution

Method 1: Turn of Antivirus & Firewall

The Very first thing that you will need to do in this Case is to Turn of Antivirus & Firewall. If you have some Antivirus installed on your PC, then turn it off. Then Turn off Firewall too

That is it. You have just turned off your Antivirus and Firewall which might be be conflicting with the installation of programs some times. Now install office 2016, if you get the same error, then please look at other method we listed below.

Method 2: Using Office Trouble shooter

In this Method we will Be Using Official Microsoft Office Trouble shooter to get rid of Error Code 30015. If you have already used the Trouble shooter then Skip this method and move on to Method 3.

So First of all you will need to Download Ms office 2016 Trouble shooter or also known as Fix it Tool .Once it is Done, Run the Tool and Try to Install MS office 2016 again. If you don’t get the error than Congratulations you have successfully solved Microsoft office error 30015, but if you still get the same Microsoft office error 30015 (while installing then you should continue to method 3 for solution.

Method 3: Installing in Clean Boot State.

When you do Clean boot, you make sure no 3rd party service are enabled and you also make sure that nothing can conflict on your PC which Most probably Ensures that you will go Through your Installation without any hassle.
But before we start and see how to do clean boot, Manually Uninstall Office 2016 from your Computer. Step by Step Instructions on how to do this is listed on Official Website Here. So Now you need to Go through all the steps listed there and Come back here to know what more you will need to do to fix Microsoft office error 30015 That is it, On Restart, you will have a Clean boot PC and now you are ready to Install Ms Office 2016. This Method should work in most cases to resolve Microsoft office error 30015Once the installation is done, Don’t Forget to make your PC boot normally again next time. Again perform the same steps and Tick Normal Start up in General tab this time. The method listed above are sure shot method of solving Microsoft office error 30015. If you still face this Microsoft office error 30015 then you can contact us on Microsoft office support number helpline. We can help you. We are just a call away.


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