[Solved] Microsoft office error 2908 Contact 800-986-6752

Microsoft Office often displays a common error popularly known as Microsoft office error 2908.This error is faced by many users using Microsoft Office. Error 2908 simply means that system is unable to register the specific component of Office installation. Microsoft office error 2908 can also occur due to faulty registry settings, too many tasks running at once at the background and so on. This article will inform you about some useful tips that will help you solve the issue related to the Microsoft office error 2908. Along with that we will also discuss about the ways in which you can prevent the Microsoft office error 2908 from ever happening.

Microsoft office error 2908 Support Number

Countries Toll-Free Number
Microsoft office error 2908 Support Number USA 800-986-6752
Microsoft office error 2908 Support Number United Kingdom 02 0786 26337
Microsoft office error 2908 Support Number Australia 0384004575
Microsoft office error 2908 Support Number Canada 800-986-6752
Microsoft office error 2908 Support Number New Zealand 800-449-076


Microsoft office error 2908 Solution

Step 1: Running Scanreg 

Usually Microsoft office error 2908 is caused due to incorrect or corrupt registry entries entered by the user, so the first step in solving the error is to remove the wrong registry entries. Follow the below steps to remove entries:

  • Navigate through Start >> All Programs >> Accessories
  • Right click on the ‘Command Prompt’ and select ‘Run as Administrator’ option
  • Now type the ‘Scanreg /Fix’ command and press ‘Enter’
  • Restart your computer. This way you can fix the registry issues responsible for Microsoft office error 2908

Step 2: Log in from a different user profiles to run the setup

If the current user profile is not allowing you to run the setup then you can login with a different user profile and setup. Though it is preferred to be logged in as an administrator for running the setup. In order to fix the errors, you need to log off from the current user profile and login again through a different profile and try to run the set up again.

Step 3: Stop unwanted tasks and services running in the background

Microsoft Office error 2908 is sometimes caused by some of the unwanted tasks and services running at the backend. Services need to be stopped in order to end the error. Follow the steps mentioned below to solve the error.

  • Click on ‘window button or start button’ then ‘Run’ or simply press windows key+R
  • Type “msconfig” in the box that appears after you click ‘Run’
  • Now click on ‘Services’ tab
  • Choose all the unwanted services and ‘Disable’ them.

By disabling the unwanted services you can remove the registry error with an ease.

Step 4: Use updated driver and current Microsoft.NET Framework version

Make sure that you are using the latest version of .Net Framework because older or outdated version will again cause the registry error.

Following these steps will help you get away from the Microsoft office error 2908 but still if you face these error you can contact us on Microsoft office support and we will help you solving the error easily


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