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Installing Microsoft Office is really a challenging job for some and can require an expert to help for same. During installation of Microsoft Office program, you may get the mentioned Microsoft office error 1406. Error 1406 is the error which is caused due to registry error. Microsoft Office error 1406 is applicable with all the versions of Microsoft Office.

The reason why Microsoft office error 1406 shows is because computer cannot insert the files it requires into the “registry database” of your PC.  Even though the registry is continually causing a large amount of problems, the good news is that Microsoft office error 1406 is actually very easy to fix.

Microsoft office error 1406 Support Number

Countries Toll-Free Number
Microsoft office error 1406 Support Phone Number USA 800-986-6752
Microsoft office error 1406 Support Phone Number UK 02 0786 26337
Microsoft office error 1406 Support Phone Number CANADA 800-986-6752
Microsoft office error 1406 Support Phone Number New Zealand 800-449-076

Microsoft office error 1406 Solutions

The way to fix Microsoft office error 1406 is to first make sure your user profile has access to changing registry keys on your system. User profiles are controlled by permissions on your system if you want to repair the problem you’re seeing – you should start by making sure your particular profile can change the registry keys of your PC. To do this, you can open “permissions” options and then make sure you have been granted all permissions. After that disable all the external software which are preventing installation process.microsoft office error 1406

I personally recommend to use a ‘registry cleaner’ program to fix any of the errors and problems inside your system. A registry cleaner is a software tool which will scan through your PC and fix the various problems which are causing errors – basically allowing your PC to run faster and without the errors which the registry causes. The registry database is the main cause of Microsoft office error 1406 and needs to be repaired in the most reliable way possible to ensure that computer is running smoothly and reliably. Downloading and running a registry cleaner should ensure your system is working correctly after the error. Another method for solving Microsoft office error 1406 can be done through manual working but for that you need to have a knowhow about computer systems.

Here we will discuss other methods of solving Microsoft office error 1406

Method 1

Set the permission for the everyone group of the registry sub keys that are listed in the error message to default conditions

Method 2

Take Full Control. To do this, use the easy fix solution and follow the steps in Disable the third-party apps

Method 3

Take the system into a “clean boot” state, and then run Office setup.

Method 4

Some activation problems indicate that the license file is corrupted. If the license file is corrupted, you cannot solve the problem by removing and then reinstalling the Office product. The license file is not removed when you remove the Office product. Additionally, the license file is not overwritten when you reinstall the Office product. If the license file is corrupted, call us on our Microsoft office support helpline number to solve your problem. Microsoft office error 1406 and other similar errors like error 1401 and error 1402 can be solved by us in minutes.

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  • Microsoft office support number listed here is genuine by calling them i was able to solve Microsoft Office Error 1406 in a lot less time

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