McAfee Chat Support USA – [+1-800-986-6752]

McAfee is a widely known antivirus software compatible with various operating systems namely Windows, macOS, iOS as well as Android. It is available in the market in two versions, as a free 30-day trial and a paid version. Its key features include always-on protection from malicious softwares and other cyber threats, safe browsing, protection of multiple devices at a time and most importantly, excellent customer support. A lot of companies use it as their default security system and hence, their devices come with McAfee pre-installed on it. Installing the free version on your system is a cake walk as you just need to press the download button clearly provided on the company’s website. Buying the software is equally convenient as a bunch of online stores including Amazon sell it online. Another major feature of McAfee is its wide range of free McAfee Chat support services that are available for all McAfee products compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS as well as Android.

McAfee Chat Support USA

Does McAfee provide free customer McAfee Chat support ? What services are available for free ?

Yes, McAfee provides a wide range of services for customer support free of cost. Some of them are mentioned below-

1.       The knowledge base about various McAfee issues on the website.

2.       McAfee Support Online Community.

3.       McAfee Virtual Technician.

4.       McAfee Security Scan Plus.

5.       Internet chat with a qualified McAfee support agent.

How to connect to a McAfee Chat support agent online?

1.       Go to the “Contact Consumer Support page” option in your program.

2.       Select your country and preferred language from the list available.

3.       Now, click on “Technical Assistance”.

4.       Select the device that is causing trouble. The options available are-

  • PC
  • Mac
  • Mobile/Tablet

5.       Now, click on “Chat”. Note the estimated wait time.

6.       Enter the following information in the respective locations –

  • First name and last name (the name in which the McAfee product has been purchased).
  • Telephone number.
  • Email address.

7.       Now, go the “Problem Description” box, and type in your query/ issue.

8.       Click on “Continue”.

9.       You will get a response from an agent within the estimated wait time.

NOTE- In case you want telephone McAfee Chat support instead of an online chat, follow the steps above, and select “Phone” instead of Chat in step 5. Note that telephone support is only available to customers who have purchased their McAfee product.

Q. How to access the McAfee Live Remote Assistance service?

This service is used in case of technical issues with McAfee. The first step is to determine the nature of the problem which is done by a McAfee chat support agent once you’ve contacted the service desk.

  • You will be provided with a unique connection code and directed back to the McAfee customer support page.
  • Enter the code in the given field and then click on the “Click Here” button. This will mark the beginning of your screen-sharing session.
  • Download the small virus-free plug-in which comes in a prompt.
  • The support agent can now view your screen and have control of your mouse and keyboard. You can end this screen-sharing session at any time.

5.       Enter the PIN Code provided to you by your support agent and then click on “Submit”.

6.       Support – LogMeInRescue.exe will start to download automatically. Run the file once the download is complete and accept all the pop-ups.

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