September 16, 2017

[SOLVED] Error code 0x00000015 | Contact : 800-986-6752

Microsoft Office support number provides the best service 24 hours, you just have to dial ms office support chat @ 800-986-6752. When you use Microsoft Office, you have faced or you will face some errors like Error code 0x00000015. Basically, these are the errors you will get to see on your screen.

Support numbers list for Error code 0x00000015

Countries Toll-Free Number
Microsoft Office Error code 0x00000015 support number USA 800-986-6752
Microsoft Office Error code 0x00000015 support number UK 02 0786 26337
Microsoft Office Error code 0x00000015 support number Australia 0384004575
Microsoft Office Error code 0x00000015 support number Canada 800-864-4162
Microsoft Office Error code 0x00000015 support number New Zealand 800-449-076

1. Computer often crashed in BSO

My computer often crashed in BSOD ,which even happen after i reinstalled the win 7. Here is the bug check: 0x0000000a (0x000000000100002c, 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000000, 0xfffff800050045d0).

Windows 7 x64 OEM version, you will re-install it but the BSOD will still happen.

Additional information about the problem:

BCP1:    0x000000000100002c


BCP3:    0xfffff800050045d0

OS Version:    6.1.7601

Service Pack:SP1


You just have to dial at Microsoft Office support number to solve Error code 0x00000015.

2. DMI Language is an error!

If you have currently installed windows vista and your system is infected with a virus. It is unable to boot normally or in safe mode and then, you get an error: Error code 0x00000015 DMI Language is an error!

You need to get Windows 8 installed and Windows Vista removed, if you don’t want to do that, you can call at Microsoft Office support number @ 800-986-6752.

3. Hard drive sounds like the CD disk quits spinning

The problem you may face with the Error code 0x00000015 is that the hard drive light gets into a steady blinking rhythm and sounds like the cd disk quits spinning. To resolve, you first restart it and then loads from cd. If this doesn’t work you can approach to Microsoft Office support number @ 800-986-6752.

4. FIX – Error code 0x00000015

FIX – Error code 0x00000015

First search for the file “cmsnxeye.exe” and yields three locations:

1) C:Program FilesTARGUSACP50DriverCMdrv

2) C:windowssystem


Delete the files in BOTH 2) and 3) and reboot.

This is an Error code 0x00000015, to resolve you can call at Microsoft Office support number @ 800-986-6752.

There is much error which cannot be explained here but if you face any problem regarding Microsoft then you can call at 800-986-6752.